Severe Thunderstorms Predicted For the Rest of the Week

Clusters of severe thunderstorms are not uncommon in late May, and we will be seeing a lot of severe thunderstorm activity through many states over the next couple of days. On Memorial day, flooding was prominent in Texas, and North Dakota had experienced a destructive and deadly tornado touchdown. Luckily for residents of the U.S, a tornado outbreak is not in the forecast for the next several days. Unfortunately, there will be daily rounds of thunderstorms in several areas throughout the U.S, and some of them will be quite destructive, including hail, high winds, and possible flash flooding in certain areas.

On Tuesday, the greatest possibility of severe thunderstorms will be in parts of southeast and central Texas. Residents of this state can expect high winds, hail, and possibly a few tornadoes if the conditions are right. In other regions, isolated thunderstorms with hail, and strong straight line winds are possibly in certain areas of the East, Upper Midwest, Lower Mississippi Valley and the Northern Plains states. Flash flooding is also a possible threat but it is particularly set on parts of east Texas and western Louisiana.

Wednesday will bring the risk of severe thunderstorms into the northern High plains, including eastern Montana and North Dakota. Isolated severe thunderstorms are predicted in the Lower Mississippi Valley. The main threat for these states is flash flooding. Also, there may be some other thunderstorms that aren’t severe located in the Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic, and the Southeast states.

The amount of severe weather that is predicted over the next several days may not be large but lightning is always dangerous and should be taken as such. This should be taken into account if you have any outdoor plans in the areas that are expected to see severe weather over the rest of the week. You should always stay updated on the weather in your area, especially during storm season. Check your local weather authority or the Weather Channel for immediate updates on the weather in your area.

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