Water Damage Tips

While Water Damage Pros is in route to your home, these tips can help minimize your loss.

1-Shut off water source if possible

2-Remove as much water as possible by mopping and blotting the saturated area

3-Wipe furniture to remove excess water

4-Place aluminum foil between legs and wet carpet

5-Prop up wet furniture cushions for even drying

6-Lift drapes off flooring, loop through a coat hanger and hang on curtain rod

7-Remove wet area rugs

8-Turn on air conditioner if damage occurs in summer

9-Move valuable paintings, art objects and photos to a safe, dry place

10-Open closet doors, furniture drawers and luggage to aid in drying

11-Remove any wet fabrics and dry immediately

12-Hang furs and leather goods to dry separately at room temperature

Do Not

1-Use your household vacuum to remove the excess water

2-Use electrical appliances while standing on wet flooring or carpets

3-Go into any room where the ceiling is sagging

4-Wait to call for professional help. The longer you wait the more damage will occur

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